I carry out my editing work on one of two pieces of software - either Final Cut Pro or Avid. Both are the best, it just depends on what type of project I am working on!

All of my projects are dependent on collaboration. My priority when editing your footage is to take the time to understand the intended purpose of the final product, the context in which it will be used and the style or tone which you wish to achieve. An editor needs to be able to see the creative intent behind the footage you have supplied. This might mean we need to have a meetings or even a beer or coffee prior to getting underway.

For my fixed price, I will provide as many rough cuts as required until you are entirely satisfied. This means you will get no unexpected additional costs and I am well accustomed to working with exacting clients.

I am happy to work at your pace and can also consult during the filming process if required to best tailor the footage to the intended post production style (see Filming below). I have London based contacts in the industry so I can also source technicians, cast and crew if your project requires.

I have edited films, short films, teaser trailers and video reels for DJs. I have a lot of experience with precise rhythmic editing and matching visuals to music.

I also offer an affordable ‘showreel’ editing service for actors and other film professionals. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

For the theatre group CLAW GB - Comedic female wrestling team in the UK

Examples of my Editing work.

A Short documentary filmed in Jeddah on a phone by the director of the Greenbox Museum of Saudi Arabic Art, Edited by me. 

A teaser for a theatre show by the French theatre company Knospi theatre. Filmed and Edited by me.