I really enjoy the film process and have years of experience on both sides of the camera. Depending on your needs and budget or time limits I can either consult or produce, or film your project from start to finish. I have the portable professional quality equipment needed to offer this tailored service for scripted films, documentaries etc.

With my cameras, portable diffused lighting and sound recording equipment I can also record any theatre show or other performance from multiple angles simultaneously. This reduces costs for the client and allows for a richer film portrayal with moving close ups and wide shots, perfect for both teaser trailers and full length recordings. 

I have many contacts in the film industry in London, meaning that projects are easily scalable. I can source additional production, crew and actors if required. I often work with London based Film Creatives, see their website here. They are happy to provide a reference if needed. 

Having studied Production at the Film Academy of Amsterdam but now living in the UK means I am familiar with the laws and restrictions on filming in public spaces, so if you are unsure of the limitations affecting your planned shoot, just get in touch.