My Service if completely flexible.
My portable equipment includes both a black and white background and diffused studio lighting. Accordingly I can shoot you at home, your place of work or alternatively we can create a studio space. For headshots it can also be very effective to shoot outside, using nature to add depth. 

Having worked as a theatre and film actor myself, I am familiar with the importance of headshots and know how to engineer a good one.




Examples to right are of theatre headshots which tend to be a little quirkier - we may work with props through a variety of exercises to ensure the photos are natural, characterful and interesting. 

Thinking with you - If you are creating marketing material for a theatre piece or film, I can consult on the shoot to help identify the best pose, setting and costume choice to effectively capture what your project is about. 

I can also offer family photography services or attend your event and subsequently review and edit your preferred photos.